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Chelsea Niven Art

I am an artist that was born and raised in the Southwest. I've been making art for as long as I can remember. As a kid, I was often found dipping my fingers in colorful paints, and scribbling all over a clean, white page. At one point, my dad gave me a picture of a piece by Georgia O'Keefe, and in my own interpretation, I recreated her thoughtful use of color, brush strokes and composition. This experience cemented my love for color, crafting, and expression. Since then, art has been a major part in my need to create and share my emotions.

It wasn’t until I entered an art competition at Phoenix College for a homework assignment, that my passion took a turn for the best. While I was required to submit a piece for my class, I was shocked when I won the 2019 Eric Fischl Vanguard Award for my piece, "Art-En-Is," and "Mettlesome". After the unforeseen and humble recognition, I was inspired to pursue a career in art. I had a showcase with Raw Artist: Arise in 2019 and have had my artwork displayed at The Phoenix Art Museum, Squarz Bakery & Cafe, The Black Cat Coffee House, and Desert Rock Winery.


In my work, I exemplify the best in all of the core beliefs around us- expanding a bridge of humanity and connection with others through visual art. I manifest all of this in my art with the use of vibrant colors coming from acrylic, spray paint, and rhinestones, invoking a sense of unity and connectedness. I try to maintain sustainability with my work by using every drop of paint poured, and using defective canvasses.  


I hope to share my appreciation for the profound feeling of growth within life. Though life can seem so complex, what holds to be true through our experience is that all we need is love.


Read an interview about my art/exhibit: Inchoate Amelioration, here.

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